Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here We Go Again...

It's the start of the new year which means new blog posts for me.  I usually begin the year by looking forward, but this year, I'd like to reflect.

For the first time in years, my family had a completely new summer experience.  Let me explain.  Since my husband and I are both teachers, summers have typically been pretty carefree and unplanned by the Powers family.  We hang out.  We go the beach. We take road trips. We pick a place on the map between here and New York and go.  It's fun to bond with our kids (for us, anyway) and get to visit family up north without care or time schedules.

This year, a great friend recruited us to Camp Green Lane in Pennsylvania.  My husband was the Athletic Director, and I was the supervisor for the Inter Boys (ages 8-10). The kids, well, they got to be campers.  None of us have ever been to sleep-away camp, and all of us are pretty used to all the comforts of home and doing whatever we want over the summer.  However, we embarked on our new adventure with our minds open (mostly) and ready to love it.  Love it? We did.   Since getting home, all we think about is "next summer," and we really, truly understand what people mean when they say they live ten months for two.

(Picture:  My kids and I in front of my cabin on visiting day.  This is the only time all summer I got to be with all three of my kids for a minute!)

I could go on and on about what made this an incredible experience for my family, but really, I want to hear about your summers.

What did you do?