Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Top Ten List (Again)

Last year, I posted this list of Top Ten:

My Top Ten Ways to Procrastinate Grading Papers
1. Playing Scrabble
2. Reading
3. Watching mindless TV
4. Playing with my kids
5. Cooking
6. Finding interesting articles to blog
7. On-line shopping
8. Texting
9. Facebook
10.  Running (I hate running....)

At the request of a previous student (thanks, Cat), I'm posting a new Top Ten list.   Apparently, you are all boring and falling into the crazy pattern of posting comments that fall into the category of "This is what I think Mrs. Powers wants me to write." Yuck.  (And, btw, I do not want you to DO that - ever. Be who you are!)

Here is my new list......

My Top Ten TV Shows 
Bet you all thought I would list Best Books  or  Grammar Mistakes! Oh, I have a life outside of English; I swear I do. I'll save those two top ten lists for another day.  For now, I will let you in on my dirty little secret addiction: TV.  Here is a list of the shows I never miss!!

1. Dexter
2. Criminal Minds
3. Flipping Out
4. Any Housewives of... (but especially New Jersey)
5. Curb Your Enthusiasm
6. Modern Family
7. How I Met Your Mother
8. Gray's Anatomy
9. In the Middle (edit) GLEE (HOW did I forget Glee?)
10. True Blood and Vampire Diaries (both vampire shows so I'm allowed to give them a tie)

Now, before you comment, here is the biggest rule:  You can comment on my list of Top Ten or another student's list, but you can NOT repeat the same topic.  In other words, no more Top Ten TV Shows lists. Come up with your ideas!!!

For example, you can say, "Hey, Mrs. Powers, I love watching Vampire Diaries, too! My list is the Top Ten _____"  <---  then you fill in the blank!  :-)

Let's have fun and show those personalities!