Saturday, April 30, 2011


Okay, so every time I comment on this blog, I can’t help to notice the many different types of voices. By voice I mean each individual person’s writing style. Some people have a very casual way of writing, almost as if they were having a friendly chat with the reader. Others are more formal and reserved, writing only to inform and/or convince and nothing else. Some people write almost exactly like they speak; still others take on an entire different style from their usual way of communicating. Whatever the case, everyone has a different way of writing, a different voice. That being said, what do you think your voice sounds like? Do you think other people see your voice the same way you do? Are there any particular writing styles that you like? Any that rub you the wrong way? Is there such thing as too much voice?

Also, I thought it’d be fun if every time a person commented, they would describe how they “hear” the voice of someone who has commented before them.

Cat Golner
Period II