Saturday, May 21, 2011

No More Teachers, No More Books........

I know that at this point all anyone can think about is SUMMER, but I'm going to attempt to start a conversation about the exact opposite: school. While looking for summer voulenteering opportunities, I stumbled across the Sunset Sudbury School. As I explored the website ( I discovered that this was no ordinary program. At Sunset Sudbury there is no curriculum. I know it's unbelievable, but it's true. This school lets its students do whatever they like, and I do mean ANYTHING. If the students want to play video games all day, that's what they do. If they want to run around all day, that's what they do. Of course this means if they want to study rocket science or find the cure for cancer, they could do this too. The school's theory is that "students become inspired and passionate about learning. Because they have chosen their activities, they are genuinely interested and motivated to pursue an interest to its completion (as determined by them alone)." They say skills in reading, writing, math, etc. will "develop organically, not necessarily through a planned process." In addition, students are not separated into grade levels, they can come and go as they want as long as they're in school for five hours every day, there are no grades, standardized testing is not mandatory, and all rules "for day-to-day life" are voted on by the entire school, students included. According to the website, students can and do go to college. What do you think about this kind of education compared with how we are being taught? How do you think you would fair in this type of environment?

Lauren Goboff
Period 3