Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grammar. It does matter. I swear.

Yes,  I know you hate grammar.  You hated Caught'yas, and now the punctuation formulas are getting a bit tiresome.  I know. I know. I know.

If only all of you could get when to use A, B, C noun instead of A, B, conj C.... maybe, then I would be happy.  Someone fails inevitably.

If only you understood what I understand.  One day, you will be the leaders, the bosses, the people in charge, and I don't want your employees laughing behind your back because you don't know when to use their, there, or they're.  I want your future employees to respect you because that will make you successful.  I want your success.  That makes me happy.

Trust me.  Later in life, it will really matter that you know this stuff. It will matter that you can write well and speak properly.  The best part is that you will do it naturally, so it won't even be work.

Read this article. Why is Grammar, Capitalization, and Spelling Important?.

My question to you:  Why do you think it's unimportant?