Monday, November 29, 2010

Building Vocabulary

What's the value of a word?  Why increase your vocabulary?

As a communicator (reader, writer, speaker), it's imperative to know a variety of words and how to use them. Understanding the nuances between synonyms helps a communicator achieve the elusive feeling of euphoria that comes in using the perfect word.  Finding the perfect word for your idea is like finding the perfect shoe:  when that shoe slips on your foot and hugs it just so... when you stand up and the shoe feels like air when you walk, yet protects you from the nastiness on the ground.... when the perfect shoe provides the ultimate complement to the outfit...That's the same feeling as when you find a word that says "it" just right.

How can you expand your knowledge base?  12 Ways to Learn Vocabulary With The New York Times - Check it out.

When you comment, don't forget to include a snazzy new word.

Another way to add to your vocabulary. Take these Quia Quizzes:  Flocabulary: "Transformation" and  Flocabulary: "Shakespeare is Hip Hop".  Try making these SAT words part of your vocabulary!