Sunday, February 20, 2011

Characteristics of a Leader

Okay, so for weeks I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about on this blog, coming up with many ideas and then deciding they were all [expletive]. Now, seeing Sisco’s post, I realized that I have to speed it up a little. So I decided, why not write about something I tend to obsess over?

I find myself to be fixated on the many different personalities that I encounter on a day-to-day basis, but there is a certain type of person that never ceases to fascinate me. This type of person has a wide circle of friends (or better said, followers) and is usually either respected or feared. He may be the captain of the basketball team, motivating his team to play better every day. She may be the cliquey mean girl who is the target of much gossip and envy, and yet no one ever says anything remotely not-nice to her face. He may even be that one kid who realizes that every person in his designated project group is a moron, ends up taking charge of the situation so as not to fail, and realizes that, hey, he’s good at it!

These people are leaders. (Obviously, some more than others.) They may know it, or they may not. They tend to be comfortable talking in front of others, taking responsibility, and designating roles in activities such as group projects. These are just some of the characteristics that most leaders possess. Now I am asking, what are some important characteristics a leader must have to be successful? What are some different types of leadership styles? How do characteristics vary between different types of leaders? What are some examples of great leaders throughout history?

Sorry, guys, no NY Times article for this one. Or better said, not yet. ;)

Cat Golner
Period II