Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brought you to the water - now DRINK!

Teaching is a metaphor. Constantly.  Sometimes it drains me; sometimes it inspires me.  Other times, I just laugh because, honestly, you guys crack me up! 

After reading this blog post, I realized that every day of my life is, in fact, a metaphor.  Guest Post: James Geary on Metaphor, A Taxonomy

In an effort (nerdy) to figure out what type of metaphor-user I am, I tried to place the metaphors I use regularly into James Geary's categories.  I found I am mostly an equal-opportunity employer of metaphor. 

How often or when do you use metaphors? Why?  What would the world look like without the use of metaphor? What if we didn't use this ability to draw these comparisons in order to explain what a thing is (or is not)? How does using metaphor allow us to expand communication (written and oral) in a way that allows us to add more detail to our point of view? How important is this technique?