Friday, October 4, 2013

A Haiku Party

A Haiku doesn't have to be the typical 3-lines - 5, 7, 5 (syllables) structure. It can be about capturing a moment. I've been writing in non-traditional Haiku for days now. 

I call this one 5:45 am.

Steam invades my sleep
music fills the morning air -
The new day begins.

Here are some of my favorites from last night's #haiku #extravaganza on Google+

Crispy Strips
by Noah  Barboza

An aroma fills the air-
Sizzling grease stings my skin
on a perfect Sunday morning.

by Jessica Kang

In hot air balloon
Floating towards the sunset
Dream of a lifetime

Small panic attacks
Barely suppressing frenzy


by Andrew Braxton

Frightening goblins
Spooky, scary skeletons
Roaming 'round the street

Fear grips at my soul
I can feel chills down my spine
Could this be the end?

Wait, it's Halloween
I forgot to buy candy!
Yep, it is the end.


by Zack Galpern

Luke gets a call to adventure
He crosses the threshold into his journey
To the Death Star he goes...


by Evan Joseph

Learning fills my brain 
Teachers demonstrate lessons
School has now begun


Do you have another one? Comment below.