Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday Dinner - Contest Winner!

Harrison Arnberg received the Third Prize for the Creative Writing Contest to complement the exhibit "Growers, Grocers & Gefilte Fish: A Gastronomic Look at Florida Jews & Food" at the Jewish Museum of Florida.  He will receive a prize of $50 and deserves acclaim!  Congratulations, Harrison!

Sunday Dinner
by Harrison Arnberg

My brothers and I sat at the table, rubbing our hands together for the meal.
It was all-American night: hot dogs, hamburgers, but no veal.
This meal became a Sunday night tradition.
Since our new older brother joined us as an addition.
His name is Vieux Kande, a boy from Senegal.
He rolled into our house like a bowling bowl.
We decided to take him in from the Sagemont School.
He came to the States for basketball, and he was very cool.
Ever since then, Vieux and I have been stuck like glue
Despite our religions, and their own view.
He came to my Bar Mitzvah although he is Muslim.
He sat amongst my family including my first cousin.
So now whenever we eat that special meal as a family,
We think about how much weʼve been through and how itʼs meant to be. 

The hot dogs, hamburgers, mac and cheese, and sausage are the foundation 
Of a Sunday night feast beyond fascination.
Vieux and I agreed to make this meal a tradition.
When we are older and hang out, making this meal is a mission.
We shall pass it on amongst our families
No matter where we live in other countries.
The all-American meal with forever be in my familyʼs heart.