Friday, March 14, 2014

Literary Fair Winner - "The Being of Pain and Destruction" by Camille Adames

Congratulations to Camille Adames who won first place in the Free Verse category. Her poem will move on to the district competition.

The Being of Pain and Destruction
by Camille Adames

His aura shadows you.
His being stalks you.
His dark mass preys upon your soul.
The more you resist,
The easier he snaps you back into his malice embrace.

He can be a massive boulder
Or thousands of ill-sized pebbles.
No matter his size,
His demeanor is always the same,
Onerous,vile, and destructive.

Peers throw him at you.
Pass-byers  may toss a few pebbles your way.
Bullies bombard him as boulders of mass destruction.

He is impossible to dodge.
He always finds a way to seep inside.
The horrid part is
He doesn’t leave.
His sting might dwindle,
But his being will never die.
He is forever.

He travels with you for all eternity.
He chooses to bite at times,
But he mostly keeps still.
Do not fall for his trickery.
He is still there, waiting to pounce.

Be wary of him, Judgement.
Do not toss him around unconsciously.
He is a dangerous and powerful creature of Lucifer,
Peace exists so long  as he is extinct.