Monday, October 8, 2012

Flipped Lesson: Using Transitional Devices

For our next flipped lesson, I want to introduce the concept of using complex sentences (LB, S) as transitional devices.  This short video will go over how to incorporate these sentences at the beginning of body paragraphs to add more maturity to your writing.  With this new skill, you will stop using the typical transitional words like "first" "next" "also" "finally" and "in conclusion" to begin body and concluding paragraphs.  Instead, you will use the LB, S to smoothly and maturely move from one idea to the next.  Don't worry, you will still use transitional words!  Those transitional words work perfectly within paragraphs to indicate examples, additional information, and/or comparisons.  

As with our first flipped lesson, please take notes and jot down any questions you may have to ask me in class.  Also, feel free to comment on the blog, and I will respond there as well.  Remember, asking questions is part of learning.  Don't be embarrassed if you feel as if you're missing something.  Chances are someone else feels the same way; be the hero and ask the question!